• All the students must come to school in time as per school timing & attend the assembly and classes regularly. After the gates are closed, no child will be allowed inside the school.
  • The students should be well behaved polite and respectful to all students and staffs.
  •  Students should remain clean and tidy in their school uniform.
  • All the students should bring with them Text books, Exercise books, Tiffin etc necessary for the day. Carrying any other articles with them to the school is strictly prohibited and necessary action will be taken if found carrying such items.
  • Students are advised not to wear any `jewellery / ornaments/ any other apparels. in the school. The school takes no responsibility in case of any loss or theft of such articles.
  • Speaking in English is mandatory in school premises. Parents are requested to.encourage their children to speak in English at home as well.
  • Students are not allowed to meet outsiders during school hours without the prior written permission of the principal. The students are not allowed to leave the school during school hours without the written permission of principal.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to purchase any articles or food from unauthorized dealers/vendors at or near the school premises.
  • Students suffering from any communicable diseases should not come to school until he/she is cured (Recommendation to be made by a Regd. Medical Practitioner).
  • Students want a short leave, he/She should get in writing from parents Once you have taken admission, fees cannot be refunded in any circumstances.
  • No Person is allowed to enter into school premises unless he/she is either a staff or a student of the school. Parents/Guidance are entitled to get inside school main gate (No.3) only after signing in the school security register.
  • No Parents or Guidance is allowed to take their children/Wards before 15mints from the end time of the school. They can do at any time beyond 15min Subject to prior written approval of Principal.
  • No Non-transport students shall be allowed to attend classes unless he/she comes before 10.00am relaxation is given to transport student because of numerous students are coming in a single school vehicle.
  • It is made mandatory for all the parents to go through the notice board regularly by displaying about any matters on the notice board; it is presumed that all the parents are notice of the said matter.


Mode of payment

  • All the fees are to be paid in cash, cheque & DD in favor of 'YOUNG PHOENIX PUBLIC SCH001 within le of every month.
  • Fine of Rs 50/-will be charge after 109' till the end of the month. Fine of Rs 100/-will be charged t the defaulter if the tuition fees/transportation fees are not paid within the end next month.
  • If anyone fails to pay the tuition fees/transportation fees by the end of that next month, the he/she will be charged for an amount as much as of defaulted fees as fine. In other words, he/she liable to pay double of defaulted amount.
  • The tuition fees are payable for 12 months & transportation for 11 months of the session for ciasses.
  • The tuition fees will be increased every year by 30% to 40%.

      Parents those who are interested to deposit the fees for the entire session at one time shall g. discount
      of 5% of total amount so paid. This discount can only be available if the fees are paid in tt month of April.

      Parents are request to pay the fees like "Ganesh Pula", "Saraswati Puja", "Picnic ", " Study Tour".


Suspend or Expelled

  • Indiscipline, mishandling of school appliances caring/bursting crackers, stealing, leaving schc without
    prior permission of principal during school hours.

      Continuous absence without informing for fifteen days.
      Non-payment of school fees/transportation fees for 03 (three) consecutive months.


Points to Remember if availing School Transport

  • Parents are requested to ensure that children arrive at the pick -up point in time. The bus may not wait for the child beyond the stipulated time.
  • The person who is escorting your child at the bus stop should be a known person. Any stranger cannot accommodate your child while delivering your child to the bus. The escort must carry an authentication letter/photo IT) as a proof which should be produce on demand (if necessary)
  • In case there is no escort to pick up the child from bus when it reaches the spot the child will be brought back to school & parents have to collect the child from the school on their own.
  • The transport fee is graded and vary from point to point depending upon the operational cost. The transport fee has to be paid on monthly basis on or before 10° day of every month. In case of delay in payment for more than two consecutive months, the child shall not allowed to avail the school transport facility.

Transportation Fees

Transportation fees to be paid in every month without any default failing which the school have not
allowed to avail the facility.
Fee depends on the distance from the school and is revised from time to time depending on the
operational cost.
To avail transportation, application should be given to the office.
To discontinue the transportation, application should be given to the -office otherwise it continue & the
parents have to make payment.

In order to avoid unnecessary chaotic situation, transport student will be allowed to deport first from
the school after school time.

Code of conduct

Shall respect and obey the rules and regulation of the school.
Shall be courteous, friendly and co-operative.
Shall adhere to cleanliness and neatness in person and in school uniform